23rd May 2017

thankyou letter

23 May 2017

Brooke Elstob

PO Box 12



Dear Ben Smith

I’m writing to thank you for coming into our class on 4 May 2017. Speaking to us about your career and some of your great achievements was very interesting. I enjoyed learning about how you got to where you are today and what obstacles you had to cross. I think listening to some of your stories was very inspiring to the class and gave us an idea of how hard you had to work.  

It was particularly important that you came and talked to the Year 12 Pathways class as many of the students are on the edge of leaving school. It was great to hear from you, giving them an idea of the different career paths available.

I wish you success in the future and I really appreciate you coming and speaking to the class.

Yours sincerely

Brooke Elstob      

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